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Luna Winters is a mix-medium artist residing in the vibrant artistic community of Portland, Oregon. As a trans woman, Luna's approach to art reflects her unorthodox approach to life.
Driven by curiosity and a desire to understand the world and her place in it, Luna delves into realms of self-discovery, exploring intricate facets of identity, reality, and the intersections of
race, gender, and sexuality.

Luna's artistic journey took root in Salem, Oregon, where her drawing talent was recognized and celebrated from a kinder age. By the tender age of 11, Luna's artistic pursuits expanded to
include the cello and the art of photography. Throughout her formative years, she explored a wide range of mediums including film, creative writing, painting, graphic design, and digital
image manipulation, as she constantly sought avenues for self-expression and escapism.

As an adult, Luna's unwavering drive to learn and discover new modes of exploration and self-expression remains steadfast. Her insatiable curiosity and willingness to embrace any
medium sets the stage for her artistic process. By weaving together her diverse skills and knowledge, Luna continues to push her own boundaries of traditional artistic expression, aiming
to create unforgettable and transformative experiences.

Currently, she works as Prop Master in the film industry, while also running her own Etsy shop.
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